New York Post
Design System

Digital Creative Director - Jan-Jan Tayson


My Role

Freelance UI/UX Designer


I was brought in on this project to help fine-tune the design system before handing it off to NYPost's dev team. Working directly with the CD, my responsibilities included...

  • Ensuring styles were consistently applied throughout 20+ pages of content
  • Prototyping the digital style guide for the dev team
  • Testing the pages at various sizes on multiple devices 

Coming in toward the end of this project, consistency and attention to detail were essential. The goal here was to make the devs team work as streamlined as possible. This was accomplished by manually checking all the type styles, margins, padding etc., throughout the UI.


Testing / Markups

Testing multiple pages at different sizes on multiple devices was challenging. Staying organized through the use of spreadsheets and effective communication with the great team over at The Post made this portion of the project successful.

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